In between

(first party)


Shree ___________________________________ having owner ship rights for the Property as in Annexure A (second party)

  1. First party agrees to take second party premises whose description is as per annexure A for lodging guests arranged by first party.
  2. On receiving a booking for the said premises/unit of the second party, second party needs to give confirmation at the earliest, as the request will be shared with all the lodging provider of that area, and the one responding the first, will get the booking.
  3. On recurring incidence of rejection of the booking by the second party, the first party automation system will blacklist this property of second party from further booking.
  4. First party automation system gives second party a choice to give access to their property only to :-
    1. family guest,
    2. Couples,
    3. Individual’s male or female
    4. Old couples.
    5. The second party need to choose the travellers from the above said parameters and need to be confident enough to extend the hospitality service to them in full satisfaction.
  5. Once the booking has been confirmed by second party to the first party, the guest details will be shared with the second party, and the second party will put all his efforts to have a comfortable stay of the traveller.
  6. By signing this MOU, the Second party will have to keep the said units/property exclusively reserved for marketing with the party one booking system.
  7. If due to any reason, the second party is unable to give accommodation to the first party client, Room un-availability details will be shared with first party as soon as possible via call/email/text not less than 24 hrs before, arriving of the guest booked by the first party.
  8. If the second party fails to inform first party then they will be liable for making alternate arrangements for our clients.
  9. It will be advisable for the second party to have internet connectivity for operating first party online portal facility which they can use to manage inventory and bookings.
  10. If opted, it will be mandatory for the second party to provide food to the guest as per our pre-defined menu at fixed price as fixed by the first party, revised time to time as per the requirement of the market.
  11. The second party can extend pick up and drop facility to the guest as per the pre-approved price of Rs _____________ /- per pick/drop services.
  12. The second party can extend local Guide services facility to the guest as per the pre-approved price of Rs _____________ /- per day basis.
  13. Second party is quoting the price per day for lodging of first party guest in the property as described in the annexure A, as Rs ______________ /- per night, 24 hrs check in policy. Pricing changes exercise will be taken up on the anniversary of this MOU.
  14. First party will be responsible only for online/ offline marketing only, lodging operations and room service, food services and other services as per the MOU will be managed by the partner.
  15. First Party commission is 10% only given by the second party. If guest had to pay full amount in wrioker automation system then first party deduct 10% only and the rest amount transfer into second party bank account weekly automation system.
  16. The services opted by the guest if gets extended after check in to the second party premises, will be accounted for and information will be shared by the first party, and the amount under revenue sharing will be deducted from the next billing of the said premises by the first party or paid directly into first party account by the second party, as the case may be.
  17. No bias in rendering service towards clients to be shown by second party.
  18. If due to any reason, the second party wants to pull out of this MOU, a simple written communication 30 days in advance or the date of the last booking accepted by the second party ( whichever is the last), to the first party will be honoured for disassociation.
  19. By signing this MOU, the first party does not guarantee a fixed business for the second party.









(Signature of first party)                                                                            (Signature of second party)










Annexure A


Description of the property

  1. room/ building / flat/ open land termed as unit ( plan to be submitted, hand free sketch)_________________________________________________
  2. Complete address with the land mark point so that customer can locate it easily:- _____________________________________________________


  1. Whatsapp location to be sent to first party by mobile with GPS feature.
  2. Nos of units :_____________________________
  3. Area of each unit_____________
  4. furnishing item in the unit: _____________
  5. toilet fixtures details of each unit: _____________
  6. mobile signals available: _____________
  7. data connectivity facility available : _____________
  8. power condition_____________
  9. standby power inverter/ generator available:_____________
  10. safety features of the units:_____________
  11. Photographs of the room and surrounding of all the four side.(can be taken by camera and sent to first party)_____________
  12. Pick up and drop facility available _____________
  13. Food from second party kitchen available._____________
  14. Guide services offered by the second party_____________
  15. Ownership document duly self-attested. ( kahsra kahutani, electricity bill/ water bill)
  16. Owner Adhaar card self-attested copy.
  17. Owner 3 Nos passport pic. (Can be had with the mobile also with the premises at the back ground).
  18. Bank details to which the funds transfer will be done, along with Bank details and IFSC code. (This should be in the owner name).
  19. If this unit is hotel / guest house, than registration number with the local administration along with the self-attested copy of the same.
  20. If this unit is hotel / guest house, than PAN CARD registration number with the local administration along with the self-attested copy of the same.
  21. If this unit hotel/guest house, than GST Number with the local administration along with the self-attested copy of the same. in case of not having GSTN the first party will be deduct GST as per norms.
  22. All jurisdiction in Lucknow.





(Signature of second party)